Fuel Cells applications

FACT fuel cell valves are particularly suitable to regulate hydrogen, air, oxygen, oil, coolant pressure and flow. Our intention is to derivate our design to supply these valves to dispensers and electrolysers.

Products will give to systems

  • up to 50% cost reduction thanks to parts count reduction

  • up to 25% increased reliability thanks to part count reduction and linkage (NPRD 2016 standard evaluation)

  • Controlled Sections 

    • Up to 10mm2 with size XS (typical weight <0.2Kg)

    • Up to 240 mm2 with size S (typical weight <0.5Kg)

    • up to 1000mm2 with size M (typical weight <1.5Kg)

  • Cartridge style or in line design possible for easy installation and maintenance

  • Fluid temperature possible up to -70° to 270°C

  • No muscle pressure needs, power is electromagnetic

  • Multi phasic with acid possible

  • Ship shear ability or ice crushing

  • 2, 3, 4 ways possible, normally open or closed