Direct Drive Valves, Proportional Valves and Servovalves


Since march 2017, FACT SAS innovates as a start-up, on proportional valves products called either Direct Drive Valves (DDV), or servovalves (servo-valves), or limited angle torque motors.

Direct Drive Valves modeling view

Direct Drive Valves Products

These valves are used for actuator’s precision positioning or fluid metering (hot air, fuel, hydrogen, oil).

Our in patent valves will provide benefits to our aerospace engine customers in term of component durability, cost and performances.

  • Up to 50% less parts
  • Contamination robustness thanks to relevant chip shear force
  • Direct drive valve actuation

Plaquette FACT

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To deliver serial products to our customer our target is to be certified EN9100 within 2019.

FACT… in facts

Our assets

Customer satisfaction, business sustainability, know-how & expertise sharing, confidentiality

FACT team

5 skilled engineers+ 1 skilled technician + 1 apprentice engineer

A combination of 90 years of experience


  • Equipment Design (structural analysis, magnetism analysis, fluid analysis, Design 3D, BOM, detailed drawings)
  • Engine fuel and oil system architectures
  • Prediction of system performance
  • Engine bleed systems
  • Equipment assembly & tests
  • Test benches design & manufacturing
  • Equipment qualification & system certification

Technical tools: SOLIDWORKS design & PLM, SOLIDWORKS simulation, Jmag, SC Flow, Amesim


Integrated Lean management

7 trusted selected partners provide all parts of our units

In-house manufacturing and design of our test bench

Torque motor standardization

Development activities

Standardisation of 3 patented proportional limited angle torque motors wich can be supplied as a single product, in a direct drive valve or with manifold embedded various hydro-mechanic functions.

Research & Development: In patent electric fluid heater

Mass & Volume reduced unit

Wide variety of test benches: oil/fuel bench, air bench, leakage test bench, ATP test bench

For customers such as Safran Power Unit

FACT design office: open space, in front of workshop area

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Assembly and Test workshop

Assembly area

Cleaning machine for mechanical component, metrology station, manual press, cnc laser welding machine, specific clean area for magnetical steel component assembly

  • under laminar blowing flow hood (3x assembly areas)
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Test benches area

For equipment’s reception and qualification:

Bleed test bench

For equipment setting/test/endurance

(50g/s@3bar air flow, 20°C to 150°C environmental condition, air temperature up to 250°C)

Helium Leakage test bench

Oil or fuel test bench

  • ATEX certified, for equipment setting/test/endurance
  • Labview Data acquisition system (NI module)

(1600L/h flow, 70 bars, 20°C to 80°C environmental conditions, fluid temp. from -35°C to 30°C)

Release test bench & expertise area

For equipment’s: insulation test, dielectric strength test, lock wire assembly area, binocular control