Engines and APU applications

FACT engines & APU valves may be used to meter and split oil / fuel flows. Valves can also position actuators as fueldraulics servovalves or air servovalves. 

Products will give to systems :

  • Up to 50% less expensive thanks to the innovative concept, limiting parts count

  • High Controlled Sections in small volume

    • Up to 10mm2 (2 ways style) with size XS (typical weight <0.2Kg)

    • Up to 120 mm2 (2 ways style) with size S (typical weight <0.5Kg)

    • up to 1000mm2 (2 ways style) with size M (typical weight <1.5Kg)

  • Fluid temperature possible up to -70° to 270°C

  • No muscle pressure needs, functioning possible from 0 to 350 bar

  • No filter needs inside the valve

  • No jet/flapper nozzle susceptible to clogging or icing

  • 2, 3, 4 ways possible, normally open or closed

  • Suitable for liquids and gases

  • Higher accuracy and null shift stability

  • Small electric power needs <5W