Air Management applications

FACT air management valves are particularly suitable to meter air or gaz. Our valves may be used as servovalves for actuator accurate positioning or butterfly valves. Our design allow also to direct drive passages as pressure or flow regulators without pressure muscle needs.

As butterfly valve positioning servovalve

  • Similar cost than flapper nozzle servovalve

  • No filter, not jet susceptible to be clogged

  • High dynamic response <5ms

  • High Controlled Sections, allow high flow for butterfly valves dynamic response

    • Up to 12mm2 (2 ways style) with size XS (typical weight 0.2Kg)

    • Up to 200 mm2 (2 ways style) with size S (typical weight 0.5Kg)

    • up to 1000mm2 (2 ways style) with size M (typical weight 1.5Kg)

  • Fluid temperature possible up to -70° to 270°C and more

  • Reduced null shift thanks to architecture

  • Electrical, electronic free, no muscle pressure needs

  • Ship shear ability

  • 2, 3, 4 ways possible for reduce actuator sizing and noise reduction

  • Normally open or closed 

  • Low power consumption <10W

  • Relative low leakage ability for fuel consumption reduction               (Section passage/1000)