VOLTAYRE First draft Picture


FACTSAS CleanSky 2 CfP08 participant
FACTSAS CleanSky 2 CfP08 participant

FACT with an innovative Oil Metering Valve boarded Cleansky 2 project for the Ultra High Bypass Ratio (UHBR) of SAFRAN AIRCRAFT ENGINES. The UHBR will aim to decrease the fuel consumption of 5 to 10% in comparison with the LEAP engines.

FACT’s team is preparing its september preliminary design Milestone. Valve main components tabulated performances are in line with the expectations.

FACT is proud to present the first draft picture of the valve

The project leading to this application has received funding from the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 831911

Fuel Metering Unit : Endurance & Vibration

FACT first fuel metering unit successfully passed the endurance & vibration testings:

  • Endurance: 600,000 cycle@ (+/-66% stroke) and 60,000 cycles (+/-full stroke).

  • Vibration testing per RTCA DO-160G section 8 category R courbe W.

TRL5 obtained. Ready for flight soon.

FACT selected for Clean Sky Project On CfP08

FACTSAS CleanSky 2 CfP08 participant
FACTSAS CleanSky 2 CfP08 participant

FACT is proud to board the Cleansky 2 project. Our proposal, VOLTAYRE, were selected on CfP08 topic JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-ENG-01-35 by the European commision in order to develop an innovative Oil flow 4 channels regulation valve for the Ultra High Bypass and High Propulsive Efficiency Geared Turbofans of Safran Aircraft Engines. The objectives of VOLTAYRE is to design & manufacture an innovative high flow direct drive oil valve, and qualify this valve up to TRL 5  level. This valve will be able to meter accurately and split the flows coming from the pump to the gearbox and to the engine, where as the extra flow will return to the tank. Our product will also communicate to the FADEC an image of the delivered flows to close the loop and to accurate metering. VOLTAYRE proposal is based on the upsizing of our patented FACT electronic free low energy limited angle torque motor  that will require at least two extra patents. This torque motor will be able to provide high torque, high displacement, high ageing stability, without dynamic seals which is able to direct drive a spool that will meter and split an oil flow of about 13000l/h@ 70 bar (57GPM@1000psi). This Valve is coupled with an hydromechanic three-way delta pressure regulator mounted together with the others units on a aluminium manifold.

Test successful

FACT SAS team is thrilled to bring you the latest news :

  • FACT first APU fuel metering Unit has been successfully tested on our in-house fuel test bench.
  • Dynamic and static performances are in line with expectations.
  • Units will now carry out hot, cold, vibration and endurance testing.