Assembly and Test workshop

Assembly area

Cleaning machine for mechanical component, metrology station, manual press, cnc laser welding machine, specific clean area for magnetical steel component assembly

  • under laminar blowing flow hood (3x assembly areas)
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Test benches area

For equipment’s reception and qualification:

Bleed test bench

For equipment setting/test/endurance

(50g/s@3bar air flow, 20°C to 150°C environmental condition, air temperature up to 250°C)

Helium Leakage test bench

Oil or fuel test bench

  • ATEX certified, for equipment setting/test/endurance
  • Labview Data acquisition system (NI module)

(1600L/h flow, 70 bars, 20°C to 80°C environmental conditions, fluid temp. from -35°C to 30°C)

Release test bench & expertise area

For equipment’s: insulation test, dielectric strength test, lock wire assembly area, binocular control